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Alejandro Ruiz aka “Revel Artist”

Born in Miami, Florida of Cuban émigré parents, Revel is a speed painter who paints remarkable art on canvases upside down…live onstage. He discovered this exceptional talent in 2014 and has been wowing audiences across the Western Hemisphere ever since. Revel also has been awarded prestigious commissions for various indoor and outdoor mural projects. He designed the mural for the Orlando City Soccer (MLS) new stadium. Revel holds a B.A. Degree in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida. And is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Meet the Artist: Alejandro "Revel" Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz, a live speed artist that paints on inverted cardboard boxes, is one of Spirit Media’s signature artists. Meet the artist, and be part of the “Revel-ation” this October at ArtOcala, ArtTampa, and ArtOrlando.

Alejandro Ruiz was a painter from a young age. In high school, he took Advanced Placement art classes and even considered going to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. But something stopped him.

“Looking back, it was fear, doubt, and insecurity holding me back,” Ruiz says.

Instead, he graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in computer science and spent four years working as a software engineer for Numera. It was a good job. He even had his own office.

“But I wasn’t satisfied,” he recalls. “I always felt like there was something missing. I felt like I was without purpose, just drifting along.”

Struggling with depression, Ruiz picked up his paintbrush again and started venting through art. Around the same time, he started going to church and encountered the love of God.

“That’s what changed me forever,” Ruiz says. “That’s when I really started to paint.”

Ruiz left his full-time job in 2016 and is now the principal and owner of <Revel Artist, where he specializes in live art performances, specifically speed paintings at corporate, private, and nonprofit events.

He’ll be showcasing his amazing upside-down painting — that’s right, Ruiz creates his work on inverted canvases — at all three of Spirit Media’s upcoming art experiences: >Oct. 13–14 at ArtOcala, Oct. 20–21 at ArtTampa, and Oct. 27–28 at ArtOrlando.

I sat down with Ruiz to discuss his art, his process, and why he thinks all artists are — or at least should be — entrepreneurs.

Alice Collier: If you had to describe your art to someone who cannot see it, what would you say?

Alejandro Ruiz: I have two art styles: I have more of a slow painting process I do on canvas that takes weeks. And then I have live art performances that take five minutes. They’re two totally different styles.

My works on canvas are very lively and vivid representations of love, peace, and joy. I try to capture all those things in my art, as well as the things we go through in life.

My live art is very graphic. There’s lots of contrast, almost like pop art.

AC: In your live art performances, you paint on upside-down cardboard boxes. How did that come to be your style?

AR: When I started painting again, I started posting them on Instagram. I didn’t have a big following, but I had a lot of friends from high school and college who liked my work. Someone saw one of my sketches and asked me to come paint live. I took a leap of faith and said yes, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was painting as a hobby. I’d never bought a canvas before. I’d never built a canvas. And when I went to go buy a large canvas for live painting, I couldn’t find one.

So I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of cardboard boxes. I stacked them up in rows of three so that I formed a perfect square. I painted one side black, and then I taped them all together. It formed a huge painting surface made out of cardboard boxes.

I dragged this huge thing on stage — I was so nervous — and I started painting on these boxes. Once I was done, I flipped it over. Jesus flipped my life upside-down, so that’s what I do with my art.

AC: Which tools or material could you not create without?

AR: No. 1 is my relationship with God. Then, obviously, my paint brushes. And I love Golden Artist Colors. That’s pretty much it. My brushes and my colors.

AC: Describe your day when you are creating a new work.

AR: When I have a free day, I’ll wake up really early. I’ll put on some music. I love to listen to really calm, chill music. I really love this band called Hillsong Worship.

I’m a graphic designer by nature, so I like to visualize what I’m working on before I paint it. I’ll go into Photoshop and come up with a concept using a collage of images. I’ll translate that on the canvas. I sketch it out first, and then I paint over that.

AC: What do you hope viewers experience from viewing your work?

AR: I hope they experience love and peace and joy. I like to inspire people. That’s my goal — to inspire others to do things that will impact the world around them for the better. I want to uplift people who don’t think they’re good enough or who are in a bad place. I want to uplift them.

AC: Not all entrepreneurs are artists, but all artists are entrepreneurs. Would you agree with that statement? Why or why not?

AR: I think that’s true. By nature, an artist has to be an entrepreneur. We’re branding a product: us. I have artist friends who aren’t the best artists, but they know how to brand and market themselves — and they’re really successful. It’s important to know your audience. Instagram really helps me with that. That’s where a lot of my audience base is. I’m trying to build a following through that platform.

AC: Why do you want to be part of Spirit Media’s upcoming art experiences?

AR: I think it’s an amazing opportunity to showcase my performance art and to brand myself and get to know the art community locally. I’m really looking forward to it.

AC: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

AR: Start with what you have, with what’s in front of you. Use what you have. You never know what you’re capable of if you actually try.

To learn more about Ruiz and to see more of his work, visit revelartist.com.

If you want to showcase your art and improve your brand, register to exhibit with Ruiz Oct. 13–14 at ArtOcala, Oct. 20–21 at ArtTampa, and Oct. 27–28 at ArtOrlando.

Jenna Schaeper

Jenna Schaeper is cosmetologist and artist who explores the relationship between art and fashion. 

Meet the Artist: Jenna Schaeper
Jenna Schaeper’s love for drawing and painting started the same way as many other kids who grew up in the 1980s and ’90s — with Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting, and his “happy little trees.”

In high school, she took Advanced Placement art classes and showcased her art in Winter Park, Florida, winning ribbons and placing her work. “It got more serious for me then,” Schaeper recalls. “That’s when I realized it was something I was good at.”

After high school, Schaeper was accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, but fear held her back. “I didn’t go,” she says. “I was young and didn’t know what to commit to.”

Schaeper had always been interested in fashion, so she entered the beauty industry and became a cosmetologist at Aveda. She’s been exploring the relationship between art and fashion ever since. “People were my subject in fine art,” she says. “Now, they’re my canvas.”

Recently, Schaeper has been painting and drawing again, and ArtOrlando commissioned the 25-year old emerging artist to create the official poster for the Oct. 27–28 show at the Waterford Lakes Town Center. She will also be showcasing her newest work at the two-day art festival.

I sat down with Schaeper to discuss her art, which tools she couldn’t live without, and her inspiration for the official ArtOrlando poster.

Alice Collier: If you had to describe your art to someone who cannot see it, what would you say?

Jenna Schaeper: I used to draw. Throughout school, I gravitated toward charcoal and pastel. Now, I’ve been getting more into painting. It’s photorealism. But I’m always changing my style. I’ve been inspired seeing other artists. I love the beauty industry. I love fashion. So I incorporate that into my art, too.

AC: Tell me more about that. How do you incorporate your fashion and beauty background into your art?

JS: I love drawing and painting portraits, which gives me the opportunity to play with makeup and hair in my artwork. I get to literally design hair, makeup, and clothing in my artwork.

AC: Describe your day when you are creating a new work.

JS: I always have to have coffee. Sometimes I accidentally put my brush in my coffee cup. And I definitely like controlling my environment. I’m a little particular. I always have candles or burn essential oils and fragrances. I work at Aveda, so fragrance to me is huge.

I’m always working with music on, and the type depends on my mood. It can relax me or energize me. It really sets my atmosphere and promotes creativity. Music makes you feel, so I think it’s my #1 tool when creating art.

AC: What do you hope viewers experience from viewing your work?

JS: Of course I hope viewers experience some type of feeling or emotion when seeing my work, but honestly, I just hope they think it’s beautiful. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be “meaning” or hidden messages behind art. Sometimes it’s just meant to be pleasing to look at. I just hope people think my art is nice to look at. If it makes the viewer think about something deeper, that’s even better!

AC: What are some things that have inspired you in the past year?

JS: Other artists. I always get inspired by other people. I’m not super competitive. I like to learn. Social media has given me a platform to reach out to artists. I love how much easier it is to access talent on social media. I follow artists who do very different things than I do, but it opens my mind.

AC: Who are three artists we should know but probably don’t?

JS: Gustavo Rimada is one of my favorites that I’ve been following for a while. I love the Mexican style he adds to every piece. Emily Rose Murray is a tattoo artist from Australia. Her portrait tattoos are so beautifully decorated and heavily saturated. Thomas Evans creates vivid, interactive murals that you can play music on.

AC: Why did you want to be part of ArtFest?

JS: It seems like it’s going to be more diverse. I’m all for diversity. I think it’ll be nice to draw in different types of art, backgrounds, ethnicity, styles. I think it’ll be nice to meet other artists and people. Plus, I’m really excited to do the official poster!

AC: Tell me about your connection to Waterford Lakes Town Center and how it influenced the poster you designed for ArtOrlando?

JS: I lived near Waterford Lakes when I first moved to Florida from Ohio. I was in high school, and that’s where my friends and I would hang out on the weekends. I have so many memories of going to the movies, the carnivals, and shopping and walking around with friends. So when designing the poster, I focused around what I pictured when I thought of Waterford Lakes Town Center.

To learn more about Schaeper and to see more of her work, visit her Instagram page.

Marc Duke

As a photographic artist, Marc began exploring the potential for art to effect change during the turbulent 1960s, while covering the Vietnam and Civil Rights movements as a photojournalist. Across continents, he has seen firsthand that communities with a deep involvement in the arts are healthier and more vibrant than those without.

Meet the Artist: Marc Duke
As co-founder at Spirit Media, Marc Duke combines excellence in fine art with proven business acumen. Marc’s artwork has received more than 50 top awards at art fairs and festivals, including the Grand Prize – selected from over 10,000 entries – in the Armory Art Center/Norton Simon Museum international photography contest. He has participated in nearly all of the nation’s top art festivals, including exhibitions in New York City, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and beyond.

Through an equally illustrious business career, Marc has founded and served as CEO for both Art-Linx, which was successfully sold in 2016, and Innopet Brands Corp., now a NASDAQ publicly traded company.

Marc’s depth of experience in the festival industry is reflected in his highly rated The Art Festival Handbook, the premier book on art festivals for artists and organizers, and the most recommended in the industry.

As a photographic artist, Marc began exploring the potential for art to effect change during the turbulent 1960s, while covering the Vietnam and Civil Rights movements as a photojournalist. Across continents, he has seen firsthand that communities with a deep involvement in the arts are healthier and more vibrant than those without.

Along with Alice Collier Duke, his co-founder at Spirit Media, Marc is creating new opportunities for participation, diversity, income and exposure, in order to broadly benefit artists and communities across the U.S.

Fluent in Chinese, Marc is also the author of two New York Times bestsellers, and serves on AD360, the Advisory Board of Architectural Digest.

Herman Stel


Meet the Artist: Herman Stel

About Herman Stel Herman Stel (1959) born in the Netherlands is a autodidact when it comes to his painting. Contrasts in shapes and colors and drawing faces inspired from childhood always. After the millennium I started again with drawing and painting. First, animal figures and I have added the series of portraits later. This style, inspired by the desire to do something with emotions, people and faces, I combined with the colorful style where I painted already. I work a lot with our eldest daughter Jorien, also an artist. She makes beautiful forms of paper art. We exhibit together in several galleries, mostly in the Netherlands but also in Copenhagen and Belgium in 2015 and this year a international exhibition at the Fusion Art Galleries in Miami Florida. Since the beginning of 2016 we started our own gallery, something we are very proud of. We regularly sell work, including to America. We note that our work is gaining prominence and therefore international interest is beginning to emerge. It’s fun and inspiring to take part in exhibitions with my daughter and together to be his art. This father / daughter combination often produces nice reactions. Artist statement The portraits I create are characterized by a coloration of bright and intense colors which I combine this with emotion and expression of the face. My work consists of figurative art, portraits I call itself as a mix between the forms of pop art and color use street art. Sometimes I’m inspired by famous person but I almost always looking for something interesting in the expression. I plan the composition and colors but let me inspiration while painting a not fixed color palette, this creates intuitive and makes the connection with the emotion that I try to explain in the image. People and intuition play an important role in my life and are a major force in my work. Life itself inspires me. We ourselves are pieces of many emotions between joy and sorrow I try to pack in color and form into a portrait. In each work I find a part of myself. Portraits attract the attention of people and always make fun conversations and reactions. A painting is I feel successful when people are “caught” by the combination of the emotion and the intense color palette. 

Kathleen Brodeur


Each one of us possesses an exquisite, extraordinary gift; the gift to create. When we honor this priceless gift by opening our hearts and embracing our creative impulses,  our lives become filled with joy.  I believe painting is a spiritual experience which unveils the subconscious mysteries of the inner psyche.  My paintings reveal themselves to me with each brush stroke, bringing forth a mixture of textures and colors.  My photographs portray a story, consisting of layers upon layers of torn posters, graffiti, textures, doors and windows.  A collection of mementos, lost in an ever changing reality.  I enjoy inspiring others to believe in their creative spirits and to follow their vision wherever it may lead them.  I trust that as I venture out on this artistic journey, I will be led to exactly where I am supposed to be.  Kathleen Brodeur


Meet the Artist: Kathleen Brodeur

Kathleen Brodeur is a professional working Fine Artist.  She graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Florida State University.  Her first love is  photography and she uses her own photographs as reference to create ideas for her oil paintings and drawings. She is considered a colorist with a Post- Impressionist style and uses a palette knife to produce a versatility of details and boldness. Most of her inspirations transpire when she travels to Europe and South America to create photographs that tell a story from her unique perspective and experiences.  “Walls of Venice” and the “Paris Metro Series” are a collection of photographs from various trips exploring the streets of Europe. They portray a story, consisting of layers upon layers of torn posters, graffiti, textures, wooden doors and windows.  Kathleen captured images and compositions from details without altering the subject matter. They consist of a temporary snapshot of moments in time.  Mementos, lost in an ever changing reality.

Edson Campos


Meet the Artist: Edson Campos

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Edson has enjoyed sketching and painting since childhood, and he has become a completely self-taught artist. He moved to the United States in 1978 and quickly established himself as an artist of the highest caliber. He has exhibited his lifelike paintings and drawings at major cities throughout the country, winning many awards and much recognition. Edson’s artwork has also been published in magazines, and has been commissioned to grace the walls of all 500 rooms in the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California. Edson has participated in the acclaimed Art Expo New York, where his work was highly praised.

Edson has achieved so much success with his work that the November 1999 issue of The Artist’s Magazine featured his work in a special section on painting techniques. 

At the prestigious Coconut Grove Art Festival in 2002 and 2003 Edson received the Award of First Place. 

His Artwork has been displayed at many Art Festivals thru out the U.S.A. where he has claimed numerous awards. 

Edson was also honored with the Title of ” Artist of the Year ” by Orlando Modern Art Collection in 2003. 

Bienalle Internazionalle dell’Arte Contemporanea in 2005, in Florence , Italy was his first exhibition outside USA 

In 2009 Edson painting ” Opera ” was awarded the Bronze Medal at the Historic french Salon held at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Selected by Gallerie Artet’Miss , Paris France, to be part of a group show in Moscow , Russia at the prestigious ” Maison Centrale de Artistes de Moscau’.

 The Museum of the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe in Orlando Florida, hosted a solo show in June 2010 , inspired by Leonardo da Vinci ” Last Supper” 

A Telly award in 2011 was dedicated to ” What About the Truth” a short video about his painting created while in progress at the gallery at Avalon Island

Also, in 2012 Edson painting” Jardin d”ete was awarded the Gold Medal at the Salon D’Automne in Coubron, France.

 In 2013 Edson Artwork was invited to participate in ” Nuances Parisienses” a group Show in Saint Petersbourg , Russia at the Academy of Saint Petersbourg Fine Arts. 

Most recently , Walt Disney Fine Art Program has granted permission to Edson to create Art based on Disney Princesses. The Artwork has been approved to be prints and Originals and prints are collected worldwide 
2015 Semifinalist at the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition , National Portrait Gallery , Smithsonian Museum , Washington D.C. 

Show at the University of Saint Louis Museum in 2017 ” Return to Forever” 
2018 Semifinalist of the National Portrait Competition in London , Great Britain


In Edson’s extensive travels, especially through out Europe, where he can visit and study the paintings and sculptures of his favorite Masters, has been a great source of inspiration.

Online Contests

We founded Spirit Media to make art more accessible while supporting the incredibly talented artists who create it.

It is with that goal in mind that we’re thrilled to announce our inaugural Artist of the Year Contest. This first-of-its-kind online art competition will award cash prizes to artists competing in 13 different categories, including a grand prize of $10,000 for the inaugural Artist of the Year.

In addition to prize money, finalists will be prominently featured in ArtFest.show Gallery of Masters, gaining valuable exposure to art enthusiasts from across the globe.

Think you have what it takes to earn the title of “Artist of the Year”?

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